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Monday, October 19, 2009

Ferry Reflections Istanbul

Can you find me?

Ferry info.

Now we have the winter schedule & the frequency of the tour boats has declined. To go to the bosphorus (BOGAZ) there is only one boat lieving daily. It leaves from Eminonu at 10:35. It stopsAt Besiktas (10.50) Kanlica (asian side; famous with is yogurht) Yeniköy (european side) Sariyer (european side) Rumeli Kavagi (europaan side) and finally Anadolu Kavagi (asian side). Rumeli & Anadalo Kavagi are to small fisherman villages at the enterance of the Black Sea. So, this means the boat takes you up all the way among Bosphorus. The boat arrives at Anadolu Kavagi at 12:05. Waits there; leaves again at 15:00 back to same way. It arrives to Eminönü at 16:30..At Anadolu Kavagi, you can rest, have fish etc. As far as I know, it costs 20 TL. return.     The HALÄ°Ç   (Halic = Golden Horn) ferry id more frequent of course; it leaves Eminönü every hour from 8:45 till 16:45.   Stops at Kasimpasa; Fenere, Haskoy, Ayvansaray and Sutluce (the last stop). It is a 30 minute trip. For the way back; it leaves Sutluce every hour from 8:35 till 16:35.  This should be a small ferry boat.
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